Today, I’d like to answer the question I often receive from my patients which is “Why do I have to wear my hearing aids all day?”

Well, here are just a few reasons that you might not be aware of:

  1. Research shows that wearing your hearing devices helps to prevent cognitive decline and brain tissue shrinkage. Frank Lin, MD, is an otologist who spearheads these studies at Johns Hopkins University. 
  2. Wearing your hearing aids is the considerate thing to do when seeking to build connection with others. You want to be ready for communication at all times!
  3. Wearing your hearing devices prevents Auditory deprivation. This is what happens when your brain “forgets” how to distinguish speech. Treating your hearing loss will ensure this does not happen.
  4. Wearing your hearing devices helps you keep your edge at work, and even if you are retired, your edge during all other activities you enjoy participating in like volunteering and mentoring. 
  5. Wearing your hearing devices help maintain healthy relationships. 

Once my patients learn what’s involved in maximizing their hearing, they do amazingly well! I’d love to have this conversation individually with you if you are looking for more support. Thanks as always for reading these posts and for allowing me the privilege of sharing this work with you each week.

All my best,

Dr. Sheryl Figliano, Au.D.