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The most common type of hearing loss greatly effects clarity of speech. You can hear that someone is talking but making out exactly what was said is difficult with this type of hearing loss. Individuals with undiagnosed hearing loss have the perception that “everyone mumbles” when in fact they are experiencing symptoms of a hearing impairment. Other symptoms of hearing loss include turning up the television, asking others to repeat, difficulty hearing speech in background noise, social withdrawal, or tinnitus. If you or your loved one experience any of these symptoms, it’s essential to have your hearing evaluated. You don’t know what you’ve been missing…..

At Centers for Hearing Care, we pride ourselves in quality patient care. You are always greeted with a smile and treated as if you are a member of our family. Our locations are easily accessible and our schedules are set up to allow for extra time with patients.

During your visit, the audiologist will start by looking in your ears to determine if your hearing problem is potentially caused by conditions in the ear canal (such as wax buildup, ear infection, or foreign object).

The next step is a hearing evaluation. This evaluation, performed by the audiologist, is a painless procedure taken place in a soundproof booth for accurate test results. Throughout the test, you are instructed to listen for very soft beeps at low and high pitches. In addition, the audiologist will test your ability to understand words.

After the evaluation is complete we will explain the science of how hearing works, review the results of your test, and discuss treatment options.

It’s time to reconnect with the world. Being diagnosed with a hearing loss can be shocking for some, especially when the treatment option is to wear hearing aids. This diagnosis is commonly perceived as “getting old” or the thought of wearing a hearing aid can be embarrassing. Isn’t it more embarrassing to always ask others to repeat or inappropriately answer questions because you didn’t hear what was said? Hearing aids have come a long way in style, size, price and technology over the years. If you are a hearing aid candidate, the audiologist will take into consideration your cosmetic, financial, and technology needs to find a product that is perfect for you.

The benefits of wearing a hearing aid are endless. A research study of over 2,000 people found that individuals who wear hearing aids noted significant improvements in many areas in their life including more independence, better relationships at home, and increased attendance to social events. The best part of it all—most hearing aids are so tiny that no one even has to know you are wearing one!

It’s time to take the step towards improving your quality of life!

You deserve to take this step towards better hearing and Centers for Hearing Care is here to help you!


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