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It Is a Culture of Caring ...

We are often asked why we devote so much time and energy into our local communities and international mission trips…the answer is easy. For us, as individuals and as an organization, it is about our culture and who we are as a group. At the Centers for Hearing Care it is not only how but why we do what we do. In our local communities we are proud to help and partner with organizations like The Second Harvest Food Bank, The Salvation Army, The American Red Cross, Boardman Rotary, and the Rescue Mission. In addition, each year we have a local mission and give the gift of Hearing to at least 25 individuals with hearing loss who are in financial crisis.

Our culture extends outside our local communities. For more than 15 years we have traveled to places like Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, and the island of Dominica to help the poorest of the poor gain access to better hearing. These trips can be dangerous and our volunteers work sun up to sun down. That’s right, volunteers – we do not require or pay individuals to go on these trips. Every staff member and friend that has traveled with us comes back with dramatic stories of giving the wonderful gift of hearing.

Local Mission

International Mission

“So it is a culture of caring… caring for our patients, our fellow employees, our partners, and the world in which we live and work. If you are a patient, thank you for your support and business; we trust you are satisfied. If you are not a patient and are in need of hearing help, please call the closest office for an appointment today. Remember, Healthy Hearing Sounds Great!”
Fortunato Figliano

Executive Directer, Centers for Hearing Care

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