Help A Loved One

What YOU Can Do To HELP

 – Talk to your loved one about their hearing concerns.

  – Gently remind them of their hearing loss when you “translate” or repeat something for them.

 – Encourage them to visit us for a free consultation with one of our Audiologist and get their questions answered.  Seeing a qualified Audiologist or a Doctor of Audiology will ensure the full spectrum of hearing health care is considered from the start.

 – Offer to schedule and attend the hearing consultation with them.

 – Remind them they have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain by seeing an Audiologist.

You CAN Make A Difference

Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the person who has it. It also affects spouses, family members and friends.

Physically, the inability to hear warning sounds or the voices of dependents could potentially put lives in danger. Even emotionally, the impact can resonate throughout family and social circles — from frustration with repeating things over and over, to sadness at seeing a loved one isolate themselves from the people and activities they enjoy.

Convincing someone to seek help for hearing loss is the right thing to do, but is not always easy.


Active listening can be taught! We are committed to helping our patients and their companions learn how to effectively communicate with one another, with or without amplification helps. Not only do we provide training on repairing/restoring conversations and environmental counseling, we also have programs that can be completed at home that train the brain to better evaluate sounds and background noise elimination.

The process of active listening is also aided through amplification and increased sound clarity, but it is often not enough to improve the sound alone. Without behavior modification and realistic expectations, success is futile. Our providers want to educate our patients to succeed and not fall short of their goals; a personal, understanding relationship with your provider who understands all of your listening needs will give you and your loved ones the best chance to restore the lines of communication for years to come!

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