Hearing loss affects so many of us.  And it’s not just those who experience hearing loss directly.  It’s family, friends, and everyone we interact with every day.  

When I first started my studies, I knew I wanted to help people and wanted to be in healthcare.  My college counselor first suggested I look into Audiology. I think back today and now know that she was my first angel to get me on the path to helping people hear well again.

This choice changed everything for me.  Years later after that decision to become an Audiologist, I have had many angels along the way guiding me on my journey with my patients.  From the first patient I observed in my studies to the thousands of cases I have experienced, there is always a staff member, a volunteer, a patient’s family member or some angel who helps guide me to the best outcome possible for the patient.  I am so thankful for all my angels.

When people ask me “Why audiology? Why not any other profession in the medical field?  my answer is always this: 

Of the five senses, hearing is arguably the one sense we take most for granted.  

Hearing can change over a long period of time, and those changes can be VERY subtle.  

Next week I’ll share a bit more about my philosophy on hearing healthcare and another inspirational story of the change that can take place when someone decides to address their hearing loss.  


Dr. Sheryl Figliano