Did you know moisture and humidity are really hard on your hearing aids? Just remember that anything electronic is subject to corrosion in a humid environment. Patients who sweat a lot often complain that their hearing aids cut in and out when it is hot outside.What can be done to help with this? If your hearing aids get wet (whether from sweat or dropping them into water), immediately remove the battery and use a hair dryer on a low setting to try to remove the moisture.You can also come into our office to purchase an inexpensive desiccant jar to put your hearing aids in on these humid days. They are only $10 and can be used over and over.There is also an electronic version of this dryer made just for hearing aids which we can order for you. They take about two weeks to come in and are $75.00.  If you are still wearing hearing aids that use traditional batteries, know that the new rechargeable batteries are significantly better with moisture and sweating. The new rechargeable hearing aids are in a sealed case and are very resistant to any moisture!  We can help you find a solution and prevent moisture buildup. The most common complaint we hear during the dog days of summer.

           – Dr. Sheryl Figliano


1. Annual Salem Area Chamber of CommerceGolf Outing: What’s a golfer’s favorite letter? – Tee! We had a wonderful time sponsoring the Salem Chamber Golf Outing.

2. Dog Days of Summer Contest: Usually the hottest and most unbearable days of the season, in honor of the ‘Dog Days of Summer,’ match the correct dog to their Centers for Hearing Care owner. Be the first to send in your correct answers to win a $25 gift card prize!!! The answers will be announced soon on our Facebook page.

3.My Dog Ate My Hearing Aid:  Did you know to keep your hearing aids out of reach from your dogs? They are drawn to hearing aids, and if they get a hold of them, they may end up looking like this pair that was brought to us. Read the full blog post here.

Who We Are Celebrating…

Join us in celebrating two of our patients, Marsha and Michael Crespo, mother and son, who were both recently fit with new hearing aids.

Michael has had hearing loss his whole life and is very familiar with the use of hearing aids. He relies on his aids tremendously and cannot imagine being without them. Michael is most excited about his new pair of hearing aids because now he can connect them to his phone and listen to music through them.Marsha told us her coworkers are almost as happy as she is about having new hearing aids. It has not only made communicating at work much easier, but she can now hear all the way across the store now. Marsha loves all the extra features her new hearing aids offer. She said that being able to track her steps and activities and see the stats right on her phone is truly a game changer.We’re so happy that this mother and son duo are thriving with their new sets of hearing aids. Thank you Michael and Marsha for allowing us to be a part of your journey to better hearing.


Boardman Rotary Oktoberfest will be Sunday, October 2nd from 9 am to 5 pm at the Boardman Township park. Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss out on all the fall fun festivities!

Centers for Hearing Care Team