Costumed kids shrieking with excitement, grown-ups screaming in surprise, and creepy soundtracks in scary movies; this time of year is filled with many distinct sounds. Those with hearing loss, however, may find Halloween to be quite challenging, particularly in the dark.  That’s why we here at Centers for Hearing Care wanted to share with you some quick tips for surviving one of the most frightful nights of the year.

Check Your Hearing Aids

Double check your aids before you leave to ensure they’re working properly. Carrying a backup set of batteries is always recommended so you’re never stuck without power.


Be Mindful of Your Costume


When choosing a costume make sure to select one that won’t interfere with hearing aids. Try to avoid masks and/or accessories that cover the ears and muffle noises.


Bring a Flashlight


Take a flashlight with you! Not only is it useful to see where you’re going, but it can also be helpful to hold under the speaker’s lips to help lipread. Just try not to shine the light directly in people’s eyes!


Add Reflective Stickers


Halloween costumes are generally dark and black. Put reflective stickers on your costume so that you will be seen.


Hard of Hearing Badge


Since you meet so many new people and encounter strangers, you might consider wearing a badge to let others know that you may have trouble hearing them clearly. You can find a whole bunch online to choose from.


Stay In a Group


Children with hearing loss may not be able to hear if a car is idling, and may unknowingly walk in front of the car assuming it is parked with the engine off, even with a hearing aid. Staying in a group with fellow children and/or adults will help prevent run-ins such as those.

Trick-or-treating and celebrating Halloween doesn’t have to be a scary affair even if you have hearing loss.