What If Mom does not hear me say “I love you”?

What if Mom mishears all her well wishes this weekend as the family gets together to celebrate all the things that mom does for us?

Hearing that falls outside the range of normal tends to happen gradually over a period. These subtle changes will require loved ones to speak louder or need to repeat.  

Signs of a hearing loss that family members and friends might notice:

  • Turning the TV or radio volume louder than other family members prefer. 
  • Difficulty understanding speech in a background of noise, for instance in restaurants. 
  • More difficulty hearing and understanding children and women than men. 
  • Difficulty hearing in meetings. 
  • Difficulty hearing and understanding at public speaking events. 
  • Ringing or other sounds in the ear(s) when no external sound is present. 
  • Asking to have things repeated frequently. 
  • Difficulty hearing or understanding people “with low voices.” 

Centers for Hearing Care has been helping Mahoning Valley Moms hear better for over 33 yearsIf you or a loved one answered yes to any of the above items, then you should call us today to get started on the journey to better hearing.