We LOVE what we do, we LOVE our co-workers, but to be honest … we LOVE our patients MORE!

In honor of our patients here at Centers for Hearing Care as an Ohio Audiology, who are 90 years young and counting, we treated them to a special social and luncheon last month.  It was an extraordinary privilege to be in a room with so much wisdom and love for life with them and our Audiologist Ohio!

Everyone was asked to share with us what they learned about life . . .

“Blessings were good for me.

Remember to ask for help through struggles.”






Age – 91

“People are either ‘givers’ or ‘takers,’ there is more pleasure being a ‘giver’ than a ‘taker.’ Before sleeping think of this.”





Age – 95

“I was blessed with my family and all my friends!”






Age – 91

“To be kind to everyone, learn to share, live every day to the fullest!”






Age – 87

(90’s club future member)

“Bad news. Diamonds given for 75th anniversary.

Every day can be a good one if you try to make it so.”


Age – 95

“Life has many changes, learn to go along with them and be happy.”



Agnes ‘Aggie’

Age – 95

“It goes too fast!!”






Age – 90 1/2

“If you desire something go and work for it. Adam taught us a long time ago!”






Age – 97

“It’s too fast – too short!”






Age – 94

“I tried to do many things in my lifetime on planet Earth. I lived my life to the fullest and wish I could live longer and learn more and more.”


Age – 91

“Be friendly to all.

Pray every day.”

Anne ‘D’

Age – 95

“Enjoy every minute God gives you and you will have a lovely life.”


Age – 90

“It’s what you make of it. Be thankful for our blessings – family and friends mean so much.”


Age – 90

“Everyone grows older, the secret is don’t get old!

… At what age do you become OLD?”

Norbert (Bert)

Age – 98

“Whatever I have learned about life, I forgot!!!!”


Age – 94

“It wasn’t luck, it wasn’t choice, from grade-school to H.S. to med. tech school to graduate studies. The opportunities came and I took advantage. All of this was great, but having Tami, my care taker, is the best!”


Age – 91

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