November 12th, 2020

What is an audiologist?


The audiologist is someone who specializes in hearing and balance disorders. So this includes anything to do with your hearing or balance system. It is is a doctoral level degree. So that means we get a bachelor’s degree of four years and a master’s degree of two years. We also do an externship, then we get a doctorate and the doctorate just depends on how quickly you can get through it. You have another externship and then you can begin working as an audiologist.

So it’s it’s very detailed. It is not medical, I want everyone to know out there, if you’re coming to me, because you have an ear infection, you know, I can look in there and say, “gee, better get to your doctor”…but we don’t prescribe medicine. What we specialize in at Centers for Hearing Care is
hearing disorders.

We want to restore your hearing, however we can do it. We want to give you a better quality of life. We want to be the best at what we love to do. And that’s helping you hear well again.


Do you do you run into cases where hearing aids don’t work for people when their hearing loss is so severe that it won’t make a difference?


Absolutely, and when that happens it’s a shame because 99% of the time its because someone has waited to long to get help. You can’t wait a long time to get help for your hearing. And if you’re listening out there, and you have a parent that says “my hearing isn’t bad, I don’t want to wear a hearing aid”, you’ve got to get them in to get them help now. 

We recently had two gentlemen over the age of 90, both came in because their hearing loss was so severe. And because people are wearing masks  now, they aren’t able to look for facial expression anymore. They can’t read lips anymore, right?

Because everyone’s wearing masks, especially because they’re over 90. And they’re in one of the highest risk categories for getting COVID. And they said, you know, our grandchildren won’t even call us on the phone anymore because we can’t hear and it was time to get help. And let me tell you, they’ve waited too long. When you wait too long to get help, many things happen. One is we lose our ability to understand speech. So we might hear sound, if it’s loud enough, but no matter how loud, the sounds that we hear are, it still sounds garbled because the part of the brain that helps us to understand speech is shut down.


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