It’s not just a product; it’s a process!

I approached writing this blog as a question-and-answer piece on what my patients ask most often. But as I thought about it further, so many of the questions folks ask can be better answered by explaining what hearing healthcare really should be. So, let me tell you the most important thing many people who walk through our doors don’t know: true hearing healthcare is not just about a hearing aid. Wait, what?! Shocking, right? Let me explain:

You can buy a hearing “device” just about anywhere today. There are advertisements for them online, in the backs of magazines, grocery stores, hospitals, physicians’ offices, and, of course, in private audiology practices like ours. Some companies want you to think that hearing aids are nothing more than a commodity, something to purchase like a pair of pants or your morning cup of coffee. This is not hearing healthcare.

When you order that device from that magazine, how will you know you have hearing loss and not just a plug of wax in your ear, or fluid, or an abnormal growth? Is what you’re buying a real hearing aid or just an amplifier; and what’s the difference? How will it be programmed? Is it even programmed for your hearing loss? What if it’s too loud/too soft? Who will show you how to use it and make sure you’re inserting it properly? How do you know you’re hearing the best you can? Who will help if it breaks? Who will tell you when there are better products out there or if different products are better for you?

True hearing healthcare is not just purchasing a device and putting it in your ear. It is the process that answers your questions, educates you on your hearing loss, helps you understand why you’re currently having trouble, explains your options for better hearing (which could be hearing aids), gives you realistic expectations for the future, ensures you’re hearing the best you can by using evidence-based practices and working collaboratively with you, and continues to educate and assist down the road if your needs change. At Centers for Hearing Care, we take the time to get to know our patients so we can provide them with the best service that will help them hear better for years to come. In providing true hearing healthcare, we are committed to helping you each step of the way. Call one of our seven offices today to start the process. 

Dr. Lisa Reedy