As we’ve done so in the past, we recently treated our patients who are 90 years (and plus) to a special brunch.  Everyone had such a wonderful time together. It’s one of our favorite get-togethers. Hearing stories about love and life was truly a great reminder to always live in the moment. We were reminded of how precious life truly is and to make sure we live it to the fullest.

We also asked our patients to share with us what they have learned about life….

“It lasts longer than I thought it would. Things are always changing.”


Age – 96




Age – 94

“Save for retirement earlier. Be Kind to all.”  


Age – 91

“Be kind to others and attend church and enjoy nature and traveling.”


Age – 91

“To be patient and enjoy each day. We love our winters in Florida – 32 years.”


Age – 85

“It’s a wonderful life, a great blessing!”



“Be yourself and you will get along with everybody.”



Age – 91

“Life is good – Stay on the right side of the law and enjoy good music.”


Age – 91

“Love, trust, work, and obey and you’ll live a good life.”


Age – 98

“Everbody gets older, but the secret is not to ever get old – stay young.”


Age – 99

(100 in less than 2 months)

“This world has a lot of good people in it. I have found happiness from a lot of people. I have been a lot of places also.”



Age – 91

“Life is what you make it. It can be hard, but if you learn from your mistakes, it helps down the road. Stay active and exercise your mind daily. Be kind to one another.”


Age – 96

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