Seeking treatment can be intimidating for those with hearing loss. Not only are you required to make your way to an unfamiliar place and interact with unfamiliar people, but you have to go through the whole process burdened by the very problem you’re there to solve. This, coupled with a host of common anxieties surrounding hearing loss — fears of being judged or feeling old, for example — causes many to choose rather to suffer in silence than to reach out for the help they need.

This is one reason it’s so important to enlist the support of a friend or loved one on your path to better hearing. Bringing along someone you trust can be an invaluable resource for both you and your audiology provider, especially when it comes to your first appointment. Here’s why we always recommend that a new patient bring a companion with them for their first visit to Centers For Hearing Care.

1. Comfort

Despite the fact that any audiology professional worth their salt will work to ease your concerns and make you as comfortable as possible during your visit, it’s common to feel nervous in any new medical office. 

A friend or loved one by your side can ease your jitters. Rather than sitting in the waiting area with mounting anxiety, you’ll be chatting away with someone who cares about you and what you’re going through. And when it comes time to talk to an audiologist, your companion can take the lead when necessary. This can take a substantial amount of pressure off you, and keep the conversation humming along in the right direction. 

2. Clarity

During your first appointment, you and your hearing professional will go over a ton of important information. They’ll delve into the nuances of your specific symptoms and offer a wealth of guidance to help you reconnect to your everyday life. It can be a lot to take in, and particularly if you suffer from the trouble with clarity and understanding that comes with advanced hearing loss.

Though an audiologist will certainly be conscientious of your condition and speak clearly, it’s easy for key details to fall by the wayside. It’s one of the cruelest things about hearing loss — as a communication difficulty, it makes it more difficult to communicate with those providing the solution.

A friend or loved one can do wonders for this problem, by listening in and catching what you may miss, and stopping to ask questions or clarify concepts when needed. They can act as a note-taker and prevent a single bit of information from slipping through the cracks. This keeps your appointment productive, powerful, and perhaps most importantly, prevents you from getting overwhelmed.

3. Context

It’s hard to get a handle on your own hearing loss. Since hearing tends to deteriorate over years, our brains adjust to the problem incrementally, making it practically invisible. Sure, you’ve probably noticed that pretty much everything related to communication has gotten more difficult over the years, but it’s the friends and loved ones in your life that really get to see the specific ways in which hearing loss affects your day-to-day.

During your first appointment, your audiologist will ask you lots of questions to pinpoint the exact ways hearing loss manifests in your life. This information will allow them to zero in on your precise needs and offer a personalized treatment plan. With a friend or loved on in the room, the audiologist can gain an additional perspective on your hearing loss, and ensure that their recommendations are uniquely tailored toward your personal challenges.

The fact is, your friends and loved ones probably understand your hearing loss better than you do. After all, they’re the ones you ask to repeat themselves over and over, and they’re the ones who have grown concerned as you’ve become more isolated month by month. They’ve watched firsthand as your personality has changed to cope with hearing loss, and they’re undoubtedly invested in helping you restore your engagement with the world. Tap into the kindness and concern of those you care about, and bring them along to your visit!

If you’re ready to overcome your anxieties and discover the benefits of successful, conscientious hearing treatment, give us a call at 330-779-8096, or click here to schedule your complimentary consultation today. Trust us, your friends and loved ones will thank you!